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Blackjack 21 Guide

Blackjack is financially among the best games you can play at online casinos – in fact, video poker is the only game that can offer a house edge that's even close to blackjack.

Since you're playing blackjack, you either like card games or you're more savvy about house edge and financial returns than other players, or both. Either way, financially-savvy or not, I'm sure you only want to play at real-money blackjack casinos that process withdrawals fast. On top of fulfilling that criteria, the following online casinos have a wonderful selection of blackjack games and that run on acceptable house edge percentages.

Is Blackjack Beatable?

Blackjack is a beatable game under the right circumstances which means that:

  1. You need a blackjack game with beneficial rules.
  2. You need to play according to optimal strategy.
  3. You need to count cards.

Unfortunately, being able to count cards is almost impossible online. While there are live dealer casinos that, in theory, make it possible to count cards (in fact, the setting is perfect since the dealer can't see what you're doing at home), deck penetrations are usually so low that it makes card counting almost not worthwhile (you CAN still count cards even with a low deck penetration and make it more beneficial to you even if not profitable).

In any case, I recommend paying close attention to the first two criteria. You'll rarely find a game that is beatable without counting cards (especially online) but you can lower the house edge significantly by choosing the right kind of a blackjack game and making the right decisions during the game.

Online Blackjack Bonuses – The Basics

While live casino players are used to free drinks, lunches and even accomodation every now and then, one of the only types of comps that real-money online blackjack players have are bonuses. The unfortunate part is that many of them are hard to ”clear,” which in other words means that an online casino may leave you without a right to cashout your deposit until you've wagered a certain amount of money. Even worse, the clearing terms may be as close to impossible as you can get.

Clearing terms also depend on the jurisdiction you're from. I've heard of an online casino having a 30x wagering requirement for most of the countries it accepts players from, but set a 300x (yes, 300x!!) wagering requirement for a select few of them.

I've chosen the online real-money blackjack casinos above based on payout speed, blackjack game selection, fairness and quality, but also based on the level of customer service. You have all the reason in the world to expect top-class service from any of the casinos mentioned above – that's how good each of those blackjack casinos with fast payouts are.