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Internet Casino Operators in the USA

We've done all the hard work for you and present you with a list of reliable, 100% legal and overall top-quality online casinos for USA players. Most casinos have stopped accepting Americans and even fewer are legitimate casinos that you can trust, so this list of US casino sites that can be played for real money should come in handy.

The most important qualities that we look for:

Banking Options

Many live under the illusion that depositing money to and withdrawing money from real-money casinos would be difficult for US customers. While it's true that US customers have about 10% of the banking options that players elsewhere, you should still be able to find suitable deposit options with ease.

Card Deposits / At most US casinos, you can use either Visa or Mastercard or both to deposit money to your casino account. You can use a credit, debit or gift card to do this, although it's worth your while to remember that card deposits don't clear 100% of the time. The best way to find out which gift cards work currently is to contact the casino and ask.

In most cases, it's not an option to withdraw money back to your credit or debit card. While it may work at some casinos, I wouldn't count on it. In general, which cards and methods are accepted changes often so the best thing to do is to keep in close contact with your favourite casino (this is also where the quality of customer support comes into play).

Money Transfers / Western Union and Moneygram are available at a few USA real-money casino websites. They take higher fees, require more work and take longer to process deposits – however – you also get your withdrawals faster than checks. If card withdrawals are out of question, using money transfer services is the fastest way for US customers to get their money.

Checks / The most common way for US customers to cashout their money is to order a check withdrawal. This usually takes anywhere from a week to several months to process depending on the casino. The best USA real-money casinos (listed above) process check withdrawals within 1-3 weeks – Bovada is a good example of a site that currently processes them within 7-10 days, which is extremely fast (relatively).

Note: Electronic checks (”e-checks”) are rarely available as deposit options nowadays. It seems that BetOnline Casino still accepts e-check real-money deposits, though, and BetOnline is a fine gambling site to play at.

US Casinos to Stay Away From

Not all US casino sites should be played for real cash. While the list above consists of the best real money casinos for Americans, the list below points out which casinos you should never play at simply because of their reputation of doing players wrong, most commonly by either delaying or flat-out refusing to pay winnings and then never bothering to reply when customers try to get an explanation.

Winpalace Group Casinos / One of the most discussed group of US-eligible online casinos (in a negative sense) is Winpalace Group – complaints are usually about paying winnings slowly or not at all and having poor customer service. (Casinos that belong to this group are Begado, Golden Cherry, Jackpot Grand, Slots of Fortune, Slots Jungle, Titan and Winpalace.)

Revenue Jet Casinos / These casinos are in relationship with Winpalace Group casinos and – much like Winpalace casinos - have also received their shares of negative feedback, including complaints about slow payouts or refusals to pay winnings. (Casinos that belong to this group are Classy Coin, Grand Parker, Loco Panda, OnBling and Ruby Royal.)

Is It Legal to Play at US Casinos for Money?

The legality of online gambling in the US has been a highly debated issue for years. Ever since 2006 and the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), it's been more difficult to play United States online casino games for real money because lots of banking institutions and gambling sites pulled out of the US.

Much of it is still gray area, though, since there's no federal law that makes it illegal to play casino games online for real dollars. Therefore you have to look at state laws in order to determine the legality and, unfortunately, most state laws never directly address online gambling specifically (some state gambling laws go more than 100 years back).

It's similarly difficult to determine if banking institutions are doing anything illegal since they're forbidden from processing ”unlawful” gambling transactions, and again, no federal law makes it gambling illegal so what may be an unlawful in one state may not be that in another state.

Additionally, due to US gambling laws that are difficult to interpret, banks and other banking institutions have a hard time figuring out which transaction is legal and which is not, so they rather stay away from gambling transactions altogether than deal with all the hassle. (Even though online gambling is legal in New Jersey now, they still have problems with transactions going through because banks are unable to differentiate legal transactions from illegal ones.)