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Slot Machines

I'm an avid slot machine player and it was a lot of fun creating this list of the best slots casinos for real money. I found out that I have played at way too many casinos during the past few years but fortunately there's a benefit to that: I was able to create this list of great online casinos.

My criteria for this list was, most importantly, that an online casino has high-quality slot software, a substantial selection of slot machine games and lots of money in progressive jackpots.

The list above consists of online casinos sites with excellent slot machine offerings. It's specifically a pleasure to play online slots at these casinos and these casinos are also known for respecting the customer which means professional customer service and fast cashout deliveries.

Playing Slots Online – What to Know

Real-money slots are the easiest and simplest casino games online. You set the bet size, choose how many lines you want to bet on and press Spin, after which the machine shows you whether you're a winner or not - in an entertaining manner, I might add (”just” rolling wheels used to be considered entertaining, but nowadays the slots with cool animations and lots of funky noises draw crowds).

Even though there's little you can do to influence your chances of winning at slots while you're playing, you can absolutely improve your chances by making good decisions before playing. Interested? Let me tell you about a couple of things you can do:

  1. Play the Simple Machines:
    The less ”extra” in the machine, the more it cost to make and the bigger the return that the casinos want to see from it. So each bonus game, sound effect and cool animation is likely going to cost you money. Sticking to the simplest games is therefore a good idea.
  2. Avoid Progressive Jackpots:
    Financially, progressive slots are the worst kind of slot machines to play since the house edge in them is higher than in other slots – the reason being that a portion of the bet goes to the jackpot and the casino must take its cut on top of that. Playing progressive slots is the best option only in rare situations in which the jackpot is massive.
  3. Join a Slot Club / Use Bonuses:
    Joining a slot club (or ”player's club”) is essential especially at live casinos since you'll be getting a small % of your bets back; at online casinos, slot clubs are usually replaced by bonus offers, so using them is a good idea since online slot bonuses are basically free money.

Note: You CAN also improve your chances of winning at slots while playing by always betting the maximum amount of coins. When betting the maximum coins, the jackpot prize is always relatively cheaper, therefore reducing the house edge as well.

Online Slot Bonuses – The Essential Information

I just mentioned that it makes sense to use online slot machines bonuses in order to make playing slots more profitable. It depends on the bonus, though, since there are real money slots online casinos that require you to clear incredibly difficult bonus temrs until you can cash your money out.

For example, every slot bonus requires you to wager the deposit amount plus bonus amount X times – the lowest that I've seen is at Slotland (11x) while I've seen the requirements go as high as 300x at some online casinos.

Getting an online casino bonus for slots play is not enough, therefore, and playing at online casinos with fast payouts is of little help unless you can actually cashout the money, so it was important to select fast cashout slot casinos with relatively easy bonus offers. None of these casinos have ”impossible” bonus clearance requirements.