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Video Poker Guide

Video poker is one of the most popular real-money games in a casino and depending on your location perhaps even the most popular out of them all. All-in-all, video poker is a simple casino game but the big difference to games like slots and roulette is that your decisions have an effect on the outcome.

And not a small effect by any means – in fact, you can decrease the house edge in video poker games to less than zero (in other words, to a point where you have an edge over the casino) by playing the right forms of video poker with optimal strategy.

But real-money video poker strategies are hardly of any help unless you can find video poker casinos with quick cashouts. Unfortunately, there are plenty of internet casinos that gladly accept your deposits (and process them quickly) but when the customer wins and it's time to pay them their money, suddenly all kinds of problems, security checks and excuses come about.

Online Video Poker Tips and Advice

As mentioned, playing video poker the most profitable way possible comes down to two things: playing the right games AND having the right strategy.

What qualifies as the ”right” game is the one that has the lowest possible house edge, which in turn has a lot to do with the paytable in the game. For example, 9/6 Jacks or Better has a house edge of 0.5% while 8/5 Jacks or Better has a house edge of 2.7% - quite a difference in the long run, and it gets even worse when you go to games like 6/5 Jacks or Better (3.8%).

Playing with the right video poker strategy is essential in order to get the best possible outcome (or in other words, the lowest possible house edge). Each variation of real-money video poker requires its own strategy (see simple strategies for Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild). Also, Bob Dancer is a famous video poker expert.

Easy Video Poker Bonuses

Aside from wanting real-money video poker casinos that process payouts fast, you want a casino that has good bonus offers for video poker games, meaning that they're actually clearable within a reasonable amount of wagering and therefore allow you to cashout the money that you've won in a reasonable period of time.

Finding easy video poker bonus offers is not easy, though. Many online casinos offer ”big” bonuses on surface (100% up to $5,000) but when you look at their bonus terms and conditions more closely, you'll quickly notice that it takes a lot of work (and in many cases, luck) to be able to clear the bonus due to a ridiculous amount of wagering requirements.

What's a wagering requirement, you may ask? It's how much you're required to wager in order to clear your bonus; for example, if there's a 31x wagering requirement, it means that you need to wager 31 times your deposit + bonus money in order to be able to cashout what you've won with the full bonus.

All the fast payout video poker casinos above have acceptable wagering requirements for their casino games. Unfortunately, there are no easy bonuses at casinos that process withdrawals fast, but the ones you see on this page are as good as it gets.